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Welcome to the Digital Gallery of the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) Libraries. This site features materials drawn from the wealth and diversity of items held by the Libraries. In addition to Library materials, we plan to include exhibits of collaborations with UTA faculty and students. Come back often because items are being added regularly. If you have additional information about any of the items on this site, please contact us.

Using state-of-the-art scanning technology, we are dedicated to preserving, providing access to, and promoting the use of the unique objects of the UTA Libraries, faculty and students.  Our Digital  Gallery  has been developed as a way to make our digital resources available to researchers, faculty and students at any time. This includes rare and archival resources that have been digitized as well as born-digital resources. Our Digital  Gallery is also designed to manage and preserve our resources for future availability to our researchers, faculty and students -- even if the original objects have become vulnerable over time.  Without this, many of our collections would only be available to researchers, faculty and students who are able to physically visit our libraries. By giving a higher profile to our digital collections, we hope to foster a culture of digital research.

The site contains representative images from  various collections located at the University of Texas at Arlington Libraries Special Collections: