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Photo portrait of Flora Reeder, ca. 1940
Portrait photo of Flora Reeder with floral dress, c. 1940
Quartette party at 2411, 1943
Party, Reeders playing instruments, early 1943 (photographed by Sybil Wilson)
Les Quartes, 1943, Flora Blanc Reeder, Dickson Reeder, Bror Utter, Zane Irwin
Dickson Reeder standing at easel, 1943
Dickson Reeder seated at easel, facing camera, 1943
Flora Reeder instructing Robert, Lord George Hell in the Happy Hypocrite, 1952
Cynthia Brants, 1954, taken by Carol Fraser
Peggy and Don Vogel wedding, Lea Cuilty with Bror Utter and Dickson Reeder