Reeder Artistry

Dickson Reeder, Titania.While Flora Reeder directed the children in their educational efforts, Dickson Reeder provided the artistic leadership. His costume and set designs ranged from quick pencil sketches to vibrantly colored three- dimensional paintings. Dickson primarily worked in pencil, pen and ink, and gouache watercolors on a variety of materials including stationery, paper sacks, and the back side of posters.

His artwork provided intricate concepts from which the handmade and hand-painted theater sets, costumes, and headpieces were crafted. Staff and volunteers, including Fort Worth Circle friends, parents of students, and even family members pitched in to help in the workshop.

Volunteers and staff spent hours hand-painting costumes and props.Flora described the long process of creating costumes, "This took months. They were made of muslin dyed and then painted by all of us… Many a night was consumed by what seemed eternal gluing, painting, and building – accompanied by amusing stories and shouts of joy when something was finished and moans when something had to be started all over again."

The Reeder Children's Theatre Presents...Memories of Fort Worth's Reeder School is presented by Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library.