Reeder School Classes

Rehearsal at the Log Cabin Studio, 1946-1951.In 1945, the Reeder School was located at Temple Beth El. The following year, the school moved to a log cabin behind the William J. Bailey home at Bailey and White Settlement Road. The school moved in 1953 to the W. A. Duringer home at 1402 Summit, a fifteen room home that provided flexible space. By the winter of 1961, the Summit location was sold to the All Church Home, so everything, including costumes and props, was moved into storage.

In 1963 and again in 1967, the Reeders returned to Paris to work. In the intervening years they searched for a new Fort Worth location for their school, but were unable to find a building where they could teach and perform on a reasonable budget. Dickson Reeder died in 1970. With the Art instructor Jeanne Banks (center) assisting students with their painting projects, 1953.   Photograph by Fort Worth Star-Telegram.encouragement of friends and former patrons of the school, Flora Reeder revived Reeder School in the 1980s with the assistance of Dickson’s nephew, Jeff Reeder and his first wife, Elaine.

Reeder School classes began with 40 children but increased to 75 in number. Over the years school tuition ranged from $175 to $350. About one-third of the students attended on scholarship. Reeder School operations depended upon contributions and tuition. Productions were financed from ticket sales.

The Reeder Children's Theatre Presents...Memories of Fort Worth's Reeder School is presented by Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library.