Reeder School Memories

The Reeders and the Fort Worth Circle of Artists

La Femme Fatale, Flora Blanc in Paris, 1937.
Flora and Dickson Reeder with friends Bror Utter and Zane Irwin, 1943.  Photograph by Sybil Wilson
Portrait of a young Flora and Dickson Reeder.
Flora and Dickson Reeder with a prop from Nala and Damayanti.
Dickson Reeder at his easle.
Dickson Reeder at work.
Flora Blanc attended the King-Coit School for eight years.  She performed the role of the King in this 1930 production of The Tempest.  She also acted in Kai Khosru and Aucassin and Nicolete.  Photograph by Delight Weston.
King-Coit production of The Tempest
Flora Reeder instructing the children in acting techniques, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 1954.
Flora Reeder coaching her students, Lady Precious Stream, 1950.   Photograph by Lee Angle.
Dickson Reeder touching up a student actor’s makeup.   Photograph by Lee Angle.
Fort Worth Circle artist.

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