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Robot Usage Agreement

Robots may be checked out to UT Arlington faculty, staff, and students from the Central Library service desk for 3 hours. (Holidays and unexpected closing hours may impact the due time). Robots are in Library-use only.  For Questions and Troubleshooting visit the following  or email:
By borrowing a Robot, the borrower agrees to:

  • Use of the Robot is primarily for academic purposes for the University of Texas at Arlington.
  • The equipment will be returned to the Central Library service desk at the designated time.
  • When a Robot is checked out, the individual doing so assumes financial responsibility for that property.
  • Any malfunctions or damage will be reported to Library staff at the time the Robot is returned.

Failure to return the Robot on time will result in late fees of $5 an hour with a maximum fine of $60.00.  The cost of a damaged or lost Robot and/or iPad while checked out may result in replacement costs up to $3000 that will be applied to the borrower’s MyMav account, in addition to any late fines and processing fees incurred. Failure to return a Robot or returning a Robot with extensive damages will result in a suspension of Robot borrowing privileges for the remainder of that semester and may result in a permanent suspension of Robot borrowing privileges. In addition, for students we will also report to the Office of Student Conduct.


  • This equipment has on campus access to the UTA wireless network; log on procedures for on campus access are at the following:
  • Robots may not be renewed, but another Robot may be checked out if one is available when one is returned. If no Robot is available, The Borrower must wait 1 hour before the robot can be charged to that borrower again.
  • Borrowers may have only one Robot checked out at a time. 
  • Robots are available on a first come, first served basis.
  • Robots may not be reserved in advance.
  • Robots are in Library-use only.
  • Borrowers are responsible for all late fines up to a maximum of $60.00 and for any damages that occur to the Robot charged to them or any replacement costs up to a maximum of $3,000.
  • Borrowers are responsible for reporting any damage, missing, or stolen Robots to the Central Library service Desk and fill out a report form.
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