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Study Carrel Rules and Regulations

Reserved Study Carrels are assigned to applicants in Graduate or Doctoral programs.
Reserved Study Carrels are only assigned on a first come/first served basis in the UT Arlington Central Library.

Due to the current Reserved Study Carrels re-organization, carrels will only be available from Sept. 1, 2018 through Dec. 21, 2018 and Jan. 14, 2019 through May 16, 2019.  This will be tentative on a semester-by-semester basis until the re-organization is complete.  If you have any questions, please contact the Reserved Study Carrels Administrator, Rene Taméz

  1. Please follow all UTA Libraries policies as outlined in the following URL:
  2. Library materials used in the carrels must be checked out as if they were leaving the building.  MATERIALS NOT CHECKED OUT WILL BE REMOVED BY THE LIBRARY STAFF.
  3. UTA Library Staff and emergency personnel have the right to open and inspect all Reserved Study Carrels at any time.
  4. The person who has been assigned a Reserved Study Carrel has first use at any time.  Since it is not reasonable to expect you to occupy the Reserved Study Carrel all of the time or have other students not use it, we ask for politeness when asking someone to move when you want to use your assigned carrel or you can ask any UTA Library staff to do so.  Our staff will politely ask the current occupant to leave and explain your right of first use.
  5. The UTA Libraries assume no responsibility for personal items left in the Reserved Study Carrels.  We ask that you keep all personal items at your assigned carrel locked at all times.
  6. The carrel key should be returned immediately after the carrel is vacated.  The replacement cost for a lost key is $37.50.
  7. If a carrel key is not returned, the UTA Libraries will bill the carrel occupant the cost of $37.50 for a new replacement key.  The amount due will be payable through the UTA Student Accounts Business Services Office or through your MyMav Account.
  8. To cancel your reservation, please submit your application using this online form.  Under Special Accommodation Request, type CANCEL RESERVED STUDY CARREL or email the Reserved Study Carrels Administrator, Rene Taméz at with the Subject Heading:  CANCEL RESERVED STUDY CARREL.  Please provide your UTA ID# and a time when you are available to return your key Mon-Thurs between 2pm and 11pm.  Mr. Taméz will confirm the time to receive your key.
  9. For further UT Arlington rules and regulations, see UT Arlington Policies here:


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