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Reserved Study Carrel Rules and Regulations

Only UTA graduate students or McNair Scholars may reserve study carrels.
They are assigned on a first come/first served basis in the UT Arlington Central Library.

  1. You have priority use of your assigned carrel.  The carrel is open for public use when not being utilized by you.  If you arrive at your assigned carrel and it is in use by another student, you are more than welcome to politely ask them to leave or any of our staff working on the first floor service desk will be happy to inform the student.
  2. Library materials used in the carrels must be checked out as if they were leaving the building.  Materials not checked out will be removed by the library staff.
  3. UTA Library Staff and emergency personnel have the right to open and inspect all Reserved Study Carrels at any time.
  4. The UTA Libraries assume no responsibility for personal items left in the Reserved Study Carrels.  We ask that you keep all personal items at your assigned carrel locked at all times.
  5. The fall reservation period ends on December 16. You will be contacted prior to this time with an option to renew your reservation until the end of the spring semester, May 10.  Carrel reservations are only available during the fall and spring semesters.  You can also re-apply using the online application form and select Renewal under Application Type.
  6. By signing this document, you are agreeing to abide by these rules and regulations.  You are also responsible for the key and the reserved study carrel assigned to you.  If a key is lost or severely damaged, you will need to complete the Reserved Study Carrel Lost or Damaged Key Receipt form found at the Central Library Guest Service Desk.
  7. To cancel your reservation:  Please email Rene Taméz at with the Subject Heading:  Cancel Reserved Study Carrel.  Please include your UTA ID# in the email along with the carrel #.  You can also use the online application and select Cancellation under Application Type. You may return the key to the Central Library 1st floor Guest Service Desk at any time.  A printed return receipt will be made available at that time.

If you have any questions, please contact Rene Taméz:


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