“Howdy, Mr. President! "

A Fort Worth Perspective of JFK

JFK Says Goodbye to Fort Worth

Fort Worth Motorcade and Departure from Carswell AFB for Dallas Love Field
Friday, November 22, 11:00 a.m.

Limousines and cars holding politicians, reporters, and photographers lined up outside the Hotel Texas. Presidential aides made certain that Senator Yarborough rode in the limousine with Vice President and Mrs. Johnson to present the appearance of a united party. President and Mrs. Kennedy shared a limousine with Governor Connally. At 11:00, the motorcade turned slowly north onto Main Street moving towards the Tarrant County courthouse. The street was lined with a cheering, waving populace. The motorcade turned west on Belknap, north onto Jacksboro Highway, then west again along River Oaks Boulevard where school children waved banners. Air Force One awaited their arrival at Carswell Air Force Base. Air Force Two was the first to depart. Thanking law enforcement officers and shaking hands with onlookers, the President turned and waved to his Fort Worth supporters as he and Jackie boarded Air Force One for the 13-minute flight to Dallas Love Field.

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