University of Texas at Arlington

Computer Use Policy

Computer Use Guidelines

  • The Libraries' computers are primarily for educational or research purposes
  • UT Arlington students, faculty, and staff have priority.
  • When computers are in high demand, activities such as personal chat or e-mail, games, and other recreational uses are discouraged.
  • Express stations are reserved for quick searches of 15 minutes or less when others are waiting.
  • Installation of unapproved software is prohibited.
  • Sound can be disruptive. Please keep volume muted or check out headphones at the circulation desk.
  • For your personal security, please log off when finished. Computers that are inactive for more than 15 minutes will automatically log off.
  • Please be considerate of other library users.

Internet Use Guidelines

Violations of Use

Access to the computers and/or Internet in the UT Arlington Library is a privilege granted to users, and the Library reserves the right to suspend or amend this privilege if a user:

  • Violates Texas obscenity laws.
  • Violates UT Arlington's Computer Usage Policy.
  • Harasses others, including but not limited to, sexual harassment.
  • Intentionally damages or destroys equipment, software, or data belonging to the Library or to other users, including adding, altering or deleting files on Library workstations or other Library computer equipment.
  • Copies/scans materials protected by copyright law beyond the bounds of fair use.
  • Violates software or database license agreements.
  • Violates or attempts to violate computer systems or network integrity, including attempts to bypass network security functions, obtain restricted passwords, or alter the configuration of library workstations in any way.
  • Uses the Internet for any illegal activity.