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Resource Delivery Services


Ordering Charges - Sometimes there is a fee associated with filling an interlibrary loan request. Therefore, there is a set limit on how much UTA Libraries will spend based on the requester’s status. Per request, we are willing to spend up to the following:






















*Rush fees are special fees that are separate from fees paid by the UTA Library to fill an interlibrary loan request. Rush fees are charged back to the patron’s UTA account. The $20 charge is for UTA’s staff services. If there is a rush fee assessed by the lending library that charge will also be passed on to the patron. In addition, if there are express shipping charges associated with a rush transaction, that charge will be passed on to the patron.

You will be notified if the price exceeds the amount we can pay and asked if you wish to cover the charges over the limit. You will be given a week to respond to our query. If we have no response in a week, we will cancel the request.

Block for Non-Return – With the 3rd overdue notice (usually 14 days after the due date) the patron is prohibited from further Interlibrary Loan activity until the item is returned.

Overdue fines – Patrons are expected to honor the due date of the materials they have borrowed. Interlibrary Loan charges $1.00 a day in overdue fines. The maximum overdue charge per title is $25.00. Overdue fines are assessed at the time the material is returned or when it is billed to lost. Charges are billed to the patron’s UTA account.

Lost or Damaged Materials - Borrowed items that are lost or damaged are subject to repair or replacement fees as assessed by the lending institution. Damage includes but is not limited to: writing in or on the material, highlighting, bending or tearing pages, breakage, heat or liquid damage. Fees can be in excess $200.00.

Replacement Charges – If an ILL Item is lost or damaged while in the patron’s possession, the patron is expected to pay the library for its replacement or repair. Due to the length of time involved in obtaining an invoice from the lending institution, the initial charge posted to the users account may be as high as $200.00.  When the actual fee amount is received from the Lending Library, the fee amount will be adjusted on the patron’s account. Library charges are billed to the patron’s UTA account.

Bill for Non-Return – When an ILL item becomes 25 days* overdue, along with being charged overdue fines, the patron will be charged for the replacement of the material. That charge will be the replacement cost as assessed by the lending library; or, if we have not yet received an invoice, the replacement charge will be $200 and will be charged to the patron’s UTA account. Should the invoice received not match the $200 billed, the patron’s account will be credited or debited for the difference. *Billing may occur sooner than the 25 day period if we are approaching the end of the semester.

Failure to Pay - charges unpaid within 30 days of notification will result in loss of Interlibrary borrowing services. Charges are sent to the individuals university account and may result in: inability to register for classes, prevention of graduation and loss of library services. Contact the Interlibrary Loan office for reinstatement of borrowing privileges .