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Graduate Retrieval Service


The UT Arlington Libraries provides retrieval of local library research resources to graduate students via the online Library Catalog. This service is known as Graduate Retrieval Service (GRS). Library staff will retrieve books, bound periodicals, and media held in the UT Arlington Libraries collections for graduate students within two business days and hold items for up to 10 days. Items are available for pick-up at their holding library:

  • Central Library (CEN) items are held at the Central Library Service Desk.
  • Science & Engineering Library (SEL) items are held at the Science & Engineering Library Service Desk.
  • Architecture & Fine Arts Library (AFA) items are held at the Architecture & Fine Arts Library Service Desk.

Requested items must be from the UT Arlington Libraries' circulating collections and not from the non-circulating or electronic collections. There is a limit of 10 requests per day per graduate student.

Scanning and copying services are only available for Faculty and PhD students.

Using this Service

Go to the UT Arlington Library Catalog and find the desired item, located at either the Central Library, the Science & Engineering Library, or the Architecture & Fine Arts Library.

  1. Go to: Please sign in to check if there are any request options.
  2. Login using: UTA Sign In
  3. Enter your UTA email address
  4. Enter your UTA password and Click ‘Sign In’
  5. In the ‘Get It’ section, Next to REQUEST: click on ‘Request’
  6. Click on ‘Pickup Location’ Click on the library where you would like to pick up you book.
    NOTE: If you are a PhD student with a department mailbox, and would like the item delivered, indicate your building and office location for delivery into the comment field before sending your request.
  7. Click on >SEND REQUEST
  8. You should get a Green bar that says: ‘Your request was successfully placed.’

Library staff will process requests within two business days. You will be notified via your MavMail when the items are available for pick-up. Items will only be held for 10 days from the date of notification.