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Creating Extraordinary Customer Service

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Creating Extraordinary Customer Service

Mk Haley speaking about extraordinary customer service and user experience

Ms. Mk Haley spoke at UTA Libraries on creating extraordinary customer service and user experience on September 29, 2017. Mk “has been with The Walt Disney Company since 1994 serving primarily with Walt Disney Imagineering in both technical and creative roles with the Virtual Reality teams, R&D, Special FX, Show Quality Services, and the Disney Research Labs. These teams allowed support of projects with a 10 year lead time, to critical in-park issues that needed immediate solutions. Mk has also served Disney Corporate initiatives related to New Technology programs and collaboration tools, as well as Disney Digital Media initiatives with their Television Groups. She has been an educator for 20 years teaching at both the high school and University level, including the Imagineering – UCLA partnership in Themed Entertainment Design, and recently served as both the Associate Executive Producer and Faculty at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University”

Building community and serving as catalyst for faculty and student success are part of UTA Libraries’ strategic plans. In general,  we have done well in the transactional aspect of our services. But we want to offer the next level of user experience for our guests. We regularly review and realign our staff positions based on feedback and data to build a team where we can be more visible, approachable, and responsive to our users. “We strive to make our guests feel informed, welcomed, and empowered”, said Suzanne Byke, Associate University Librarian. Research shows 85% of college students feel library anxiety. We are learning from Disney and others on how to alleviate that and how to build long lasting relationships with our guests and offer them extraordinary experience. “More and more research solidifies our understanding of how truly important the experience and service around a product better engages your audience, reinforces the brand, breeds loyalty, and provides more satisfying experiences for the service provider and the guest”, said MK, “Using examples from the themed entertainment and hospitality industries we can develop best practices more targeted towards a library and archive community to not only provide excellent service on a  per transaction basis, but to morph your customer into a true fan” Holly Kouns, Interim Department Head of User Engagement and Services, found MK’s talk helpful and inspiring, “We can use greeters during high traffic times. You come to a point where there is only so much you can do to fix an issue, like lines backing up at the turnstiles of the entrance, but in those situations you have an opportunity to make people feel welcomed and greeted and the frustration of waiting in line can be alleviated”. We want to thank MK Haley for helping us strive to create extraordinary customer service and improve our user experience.

Mk Haley and other library staff sitting on chairs in a circle.