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by Rafia Mirza January 20, 2017

The goal of the UTA Libraries Scholarly Communication Division blog is to highlight our initiatives, collections, people, events, collaborations, and services.

We invite anyone in the UT Arlington community doing work around scholarly communications to submit interviews, reviews, and other material to the blog, and offer the following guide for submissions.

A blogpost is piece of writing typically shorter and less formal than most articles but comprising at least one or two paragraphs. The blogger introduces or comments on a topic, which perhaps leads to a broader discussion through links, images, sound, video, or other media. If you are planning to submit a post to the UTA Libraries Scholarly Communication blog, these guidelines are provided to help you make the most of your discussion with your audience.

Editors may augment or edit a blogpost for content or clarity. The Scholarly Communication blog reserves the right to reject submissions that are outside the scope of scholarly communication topics or commercial in nature.

Audience – Your blogpost should be relevant to issues relating to scholarly communication. Remember that your blogpost will be discoverable online and attributed to you. It will also be promoted on Libraries websites and social media platforms.

Tone – A blogpost can take a variety of tones, such as thought-provoking, contextual, interesting, informative, or amusing.

Content – Categorizing blogposts improves discoverability and organization. Please specify one or more of these tags for your post when you submit it (add link to a post we will make with predefined tags listed).

Licensing – All blogposts will be published with an Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 Creative Commons license. We are happy to use a more open license; however, a more restrictive license will necessitate a conversation with the editors.

Images and other media – Bloggers may submit or suggest images, sound, video, or other media for their blogpost, or the editors may add this content for you. If you are submitting an image or other media, one of the following conditions must apply:

Depending on the formality of your post, you may provide credit to others by using hyperlinks for by using formal in-text citations for all content you have not created. If you do the latter, the citation must conform to an accepted academic standard, such as Chicago, APA, or MLA.

Links – Links are a great way to augment or contextualize your work, but remember that your blogpost should be largely your own content. We highly encourage you to contextualize the content of your post with UT Arlington Libraries resources.

Length – We do not specify a minimum or maximum word count but encourage you to write more than two or three sentences but less than ten pages.

Plagiarism – Plagiarism will not be accepted by the UTA Libraries Scholarly Communication Division blog. Furthermore, we endorse the statements of intellectual integrity and academic honesty included in the UT Arlington Honor Code ( ).

How to submit – Email your contributions or ideas for submissions to

These submission guidelines were adapted from The Blog of the Hamon Arts Library (

APA citation: 

The Blog of the Hamon Arts Library. (n.d.). Submissions [Blog entry]. Retrieved from 


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