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Research Data Services in Support of New Campus Needs

by Peace Ossom Williamson August 8, 2017
Data Viz Sketches by Lauren Manning

Do you work with data? Then we have services and resources to help you. For quantitative and qualitative analysis, our UTA Libraries' Research Data Services (RDS) include the following assistance with data management:

  • reviewing data management plans in grant proposals,
  • providing consultations around best practices in managing and curating data, and
  • serving as data management specialists on research projects.

RDS also serves other roles around the use of data-related tools. Our staff members provide expert consultations and group or one-on-one training for researchers, faculty, students, and staff on the use of ArcGIS, SPSS, Excel, SQL, R, Python, Tableau, and other tools.


The Data Analysis and Visualization (DAVis) Series provides a suite of open training sessions each semester. Attend some of these open workshops or reach out to us for additional opportunities for training or assistance for yourself. We can

Data Viz Sketches by Lauren Manning
"Data Viz Sketches": Lauren Manning, CC-BY

also create workshops custom-adapted to your students' needs and semester assignments or provide support for upcoming assignments. Are your students creating visualizations or working with GIS software for an assignment? Provide them with our information as a resource for them to bring their questions in the use of programs and in the best methods for developing great output. Students are also encouraged to attend our open workshops. (Please note that some require pre-registration and/or technological requirements.) Not affiliated with UTA? No problem! Contact us for information on how to attend the DAVis workshops.


What other roles can RDS play in your research? We can support your scholarly impact and output through data sharing: We can help you choose where to share or deposit your data, provide information related to funder and publisher requirements, and support you in the data depositing process.


Please keep UTA Libraries Research Data Services in mind when you are working on your next research proposal or developing assignments for your students, and, if there are other things you'd like to see from us, let us know!