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Plan Your Visit

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Plan Your Visit

The UT Arlington Libraries strive to meet the information needs of all its visitors and welcomes guests from outside the university.  To ensure that you are able to access the libraries and its resources, please bear the following information in mind.

Before You Arrive

All guests must have a government issued photo ID in order to enter the library.  To print or make copies, guests will need cash in order to purchase a print card.  To borrow materials, you must have the appropriate documentation from your home library affiliation or UTA affiliations.  For more information, see the Types of Borrowers page.

Library Information


Your observance of the provisions linked below will help to ensure the availability of the libraries' resources for other users.  We thank you for your cooperation and appreciate your taking the time to read and observe these conditions.

Hours and Locations

Refer to the Libraries' Locations page to see the different hours, addresses, and directions.  Please note that non-UTA affiliated users will be asked to leave the Central Library at midnight on the days that the library is open overnight, as per the Central Library Overnight Admission Policy.  

Guest Parking at UTA

Schedule a Tour

Take a tour of the UT Arlington Library and discover the wealth of resources available within its walls. The UT Arlington Library offers individual building tours of the Central Library, the Science & Engineering Library, the Architecture & Fine Arts Library, and the Special Collections Section of the Central Library upon request.

Apply for a UTA Library Guest Borrower Card

Bring your UTA Alumni card, a photo ID, and the Library Privileges Application form to the Central Library Service Desk to receive a library card. The Library Privileges Application form is also available at each of the libraries' service desks. 

To request an alumni card, visit Alumni Relations or fill out the Alumni Membership Card Request form.

Getting a TexShare Card

If your college, university or public library is a member of TexShare, you can get a UT Arlington Libraries card. Get a TexShare Card from your home library. Bring your TexShare Card with a photo ID to the Central Library Service Desk. Your UT Arlington Libraries Card will be valid for the length of time designated by your home institution.  See TexShare for information about participating libraries and their rules for issuing cards.

The Arlington Public Library is not a member of TexShare but does participate in the LibraryLiNK program.  Bring your LibraryLiNK card and a photo ID to the Central Library Service Desk to receive a UT Arlington Libraries Card.