Purity Journal

Rev. J.T. Upchurch opened the Berachah Industrial Home on Rescue Hill in Arlington in 1903. Located on 27 acres lying west of Cooper Street, near Nedderman Drive, the home took in homeless, usually pregnant, girls from Texas and surrounding states. A year later, Rev. Upchurch began publication of The Purity Journal, printed onsite at the Berachah Home. Primarily penned by Rev. Upchurch, articles campaigned against brothels, saloons, and social corruption in general, reported work in slums and shelters, and shared stories of redemption and salvation. This illustration "The Saloonkeeper and His Victims," printed on the back cover of the July 1905 issue, includes a quote from Mary Howitt's poem, "'Will you walk into my parlor?' said the spider to the fly?" It depicts a saloonkeeper luring men, women and children into his web.

The Berachah Home ultimately encompassed 40 acres. In addition to the print shop, the institution included an office, school, auditorium, dormitories, hospital, nursery, handkerchief factory, chapel, barn and cemetery. It closed in 1935, but reopened as the Berachah Child Institute, an orphanage, from 1936 to1942. UT Arlington purchased the property in 1961. All structures are now gone, but one can still visit the cemetery.

Berachah Home Collection, Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington