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Special Collections


Thank you for your interest in donating to the UT Arlington Special Collections department. Patron donations ensure that we continue to grow and thrive as a research hub. Your gift means a great deal to our researchers who benefit from your generosity.


Outright or Deferred Gifts

Gifts of cash made outright, by bequest, or by a lifetime-income gift, such as a trust, may be directed to a variety of uses, including the purchase of archival materials or equipment or the support of special programs and services. UT Arlington Special Collections would be happy to assist persons interested in creating bequests or lifetime-income gifts.


Endowment Gifts

Gifts may be made to the Virginia Garrett Cartographic History Library Endowment, which supports the acquisition and processing of maps, atlases, and public programs related to cartographic history.


Gifts of Historic Value

Special Collections accepts gifts of library and archival materials relating to Texas, the U.S. War with Mexico (1846-1848), The University of Texas at Arlington, Mexico from 1810 to 1920, as well as the cartographic history of Texas, the Gulf of Mexico region, and the Greater Southwest.

If you would like to donate materials related to these subjects, please bring a completed donor form along with the materials.

For more information about establishing a new endowment or about any type of gift to the Library, contact Special Collections at 817-272-3393 or