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Papers Concerning Robertson's Colony in Texas

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Papers Concerning Robertson's Colony in Texas

Papers Concerning Robertson's Colony In Texas by Dr. Malcolm McLean may be purchased from Special Collections.  Price and ordering information is below.



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Description of the Volumes

Volumes Intro, 2, 8, 9,10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 are sold out and not longer available. The Portal to Texas History offers digitized versions of Volumes 2, 9, 10, and 11.

Introductory Volume.

1822 to 1824, Robert Leftwich's Mexico Diary and Letterbook. Out of Print.

Volume I

1788 to 1822, The Texas Association.

Volume II

1823 to Sept. 1826, Leftwich's Grant. Out of Print.

Volume III

Oct. 1826 to April 1830, The Nashville Colony.

Volume IV

May to Oct. 1830. Tenoxtitlan, Dream Capital of Texas.

Volume V

Oct. 11, 1830 to March 5, 1831, The Upper Colony.

Volume VI

March 6 to Dec. 5, 1831, The Campaigns Against the Tawakoni, Waco, Towash, and Comanche Indians.

Volume VII

Dec. 6, 1831 to Oct. 1833, Those Eleven-League Grants.

Volume VIII

Nov. 1833 to Sept. 1834, Robertson's Colony.Out of Print.

Volume IX

Oct. 1834 to March 20, 1835, Sarahville de Viesca. Out of Print.

Volume X

Mar. 21 to July 25, 1835, The Ranger Rendezvous. Out of Print.

Volume XI

July 26 to Oct. 14, 1835, Nashville on the Brazos. Out of Print.

Volume XII

Oct. 15, 1835 to Jan. 14, 1836, The Municipality of Milam. Out of Print.

Volume XIII

Jan. 15 to March 17, 1836, The Convention at Washington-on-the-Brazos.Out of Print.

Volume XIV

March 18 to July 22, 1836, The Battle of San Jacinto and the Fall of Fort Parker. Out of Print.

Volume XV

July 23, 1836 to Aug. 9, 1837, The Gentleman From Milam.

Volume XVI

Aug. 10, 1837 to Nov. 1838, The Creation of Robertson County.

Volume XVII

Dec. 1838 through Aug. 10, 1840, Sterling C. Robertson vs. Sam Houston, President of the Republic of Texas.

Volume XVIII

Aug. 11, 1840 to March 4, 1842, The End of an Era.

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