University of Texas at Arlington

iPad Air 2

No Renewals
Lending Period: 
4 hours
Architecture & Fine Arts Library
Central Library
Science & Engineering Library


Current UT Arlington faculty, staff and students are eligible to check out a tablet.


You can borrow a tablet from Central, Science & Engineering, and Architecture & Fine Arts Service Desks for 4 hours. Tablets can be used outside the libraries, but the wireless equipment will only work on campus in areas with access to the UT Arlington wireless network.
Tablets are available on a first-come first-serve basis and are non-renewable.
You can only borrow one tablet or laptop at a time.
The Library does not reserve tablets for users.
When a tablet is borrowed, the individual doing so assumes full financial responsibility for the property.
Tablets must not be left unattended at any time.
Any malfunctions should be reported to staff when the tablet is returned.

iPad USE

When an iPad is turned off and on after each circulation,  iPads are returned to a default setting and any work done by the user is erased.

The Library is not responsible for any files left on any iPads or for loss of or damage to a user's file during the loan period.

The Library is not responsible for any computer viruses that may be transferred to, or from, a user's CD or DVD.


A replacement charge for damage to or the loss of a iPad and/or its peripherals will be assessed as necessary. The estimated value of the equipment is $500. A processing fee of $35 and overdue fines may also be incurred, depending upon circumstances.