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Robot Setup FAQ

Double Setup

I'm on the map but when I click on the Double icon, I'm unable to connect. What's wrong?

If the Double icon is yellow, the Double app is minimized, the iPad is locked or it's not connected to the wifi. If the Double icon is grey, the Double is in use. Someone else is connected to this device. If the icon is black with a line through it, Double is not connected. This usually indicates that Double is not connected via Bluetooth to the iPad.

Can I use a different web browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari?

No, the Driver App on the computer is only compatible with Google Chrome.

What do the lights on the Double mean?

The lights indicate different statuses and issues with the Double.

Plugged in:

  • Solid Orange-charging;
  • Solid Green-fully charged


  • Solid Green-connected and balancing
  • Solid Blue-connected and parked
  • Blinking Green-not connected, discoverable, and balancing
  • Blinking Blue-not connected, discoverable, and parked
  • Blinking Red-low battery
  • Blinking Yellow-pole lowering as button is pressed
What devices can I use with the Double?

Below is a list of some of the approved devices compatible with the Double.

  • iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6
  • iPad 2, 3, 4, mini, Air
  • iPod Touch
  • Chromebook
  • Mac or PC with Google Chrome
I can't hear or see. What is wrong?

In order to use the Double, you must have the camera and microphone enabled. If you're using an iPad to connect to the Double, go to Settings, then Privacy and select Microphone. After tapping Microphone, make sure that it is enabled for the Double app. To check to see if your camera is enabled, go to Settings, then General and select Allow for Camera.

I'm having problems launching the Double app. What do I do?

The firmware or app may need to be updated. Launch the app and select the Settings gear. Next, choose Firmware Update. The next window will allow you to proceed with installing the new firmware. From the Settings, you can tap About to check the App Version. Please make sure that you have the latest app version by simply going to the App Store on your iOS device, and search for "Double Robotics". Sometimes Apple will not push update notifications.

What if the Double is damaged or stolen? What do I do?

Please inform the UES staff of any damage or if the Double is stolen. You will also need to fill out the Damage, Missing, or Stolen Robot Report Form.

The Double lost the wifi connection. How do I reconnect it?

If the wireless connection is lost, please inform service desk staff and they will reconnect the Double to the wireless network.

Why can I call the Double, but not drive it?

The Bluetooth may be disconnected. Please inform service desk staff, so they can reboot the Double to pair it with the iPad.