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DeLancey Floyd-Jones

January 20, 1826 - January 19, 1902

Topic- Matamoros and Camargo, En Route to the Front, Battle of Monterrey

Born to an upper-class family on Long Island, New York in 1826, DeLancey Floyd-Jones attended West Point from 1842-1846 and first served in the U.S. Military during the U.S. - Mexico War, fighting at Monterey, Vera Cruz, Molino del Rey, and Mexico City. At the siege of Vera Cruz, Floyd-Jones served under William Worth's division of General Winfield Scott's forces and was among the advance forces that landed during that amphibious assault. For his service in these conflicts, Floyd-Jones' rank rose from second lieutenant at the beginning of the war, to first lieutenant in September 1847, when he was breveted to that rank after his conduct at Molino del Rey. By January 1848, Floyd-Jones had been promoted to full lieutenant.

After the U.S. - Mexico War, Floyd-Jones worked as a recruiter in Michigan and was stationed at various army bases in the Western United States, being promoted to captain in 1854. During the Civil War, Floyd-Jones was promoted to major and commanded the 11th Infantry of the Union's forces, fighting in the Peninsula Campaign, Yorktown, the Second Battle of Bull Run, and Antietam. During his service in the Civil War, he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and brevetted to Brigadier General by the war's end.

After the Civil War he served in a variety of administrative posts for the U.S. Military, finally retiring in 1879. Once retired he traveled widely and published some of his accounts in local New York newspapers and in his own book, entitled Letters from the Far East. He was involved in philanthropic ventures in New York and also participated in a number of social and military organizations, including the Aztec Club, which he founded in 1847 and which served as an exclusive society for U.S.-Mexico War military officers and their descendants.


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