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General Ampudia

Author(s) -   Artist Unknown ; Blanco, Placido

Date -   1846 - 1848

Topic- Matamoros and Camargo, Mexico after 1848, Along the Rio Grande, Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma, Battle of Monterrey, Buena Vista/la Angostura, Cerro Gordo

Publication Information -   Mexico [City], August 11, 1848

Format -   Images

Call Number -   E404.A33 Garrett Bay D

Description -   Havana-born Pedro de Ampudia fought against the Republic of Texas in 1840-1842 and commanded the Army of the North until replaced by General Mariano Arista on April 4, 1846. Ampudia then conducted the siege against Fort Texas (later renamed Fort Brown)and in turn replaced Arista after the defeats at Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma on May 8 and 9. Ampudia commanded the defense of Monterrey before surrendering and retreating to Saltillo and San Luis Potosi. He again fought the U.S. at Cerro Gordo. This lithograph portrait was produced by the lithography firm of Placido Blanco in Mexico City.

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