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historic map of the U.S. and Mexico

A focus upon depictions of trails, routes, roads, and highways as a function of maps aids in a greater understanding of the maps themselves, their creators, and the history of the times that surrounded them. This exhibit was created to accompany the...

Exhibit Curators: Ben Huseman and the staff of Special Collections
Exhibit Dates:
Friday, October 5, 2018 to Thursday, February 28, 2019
Exhibit Location: Special Collections
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Special Collections

Digital Exhibits

Black and white image of Jim Hayes worked hard to push a track chair into a stadium.

“Building a Barrier-Free Campus” explores how UTA began to become a model accessible campus for students with disabilities starting in the mid-1960s—a time when disabled students had no right to attend K-12 schools or college. The exhibit covers a...

Exhibit Curators: Sarah Rose, Trevor Engel
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Dr. Sarah Rose
Pancho Villa comic book cover

More widely read in Mexico than any other form of cheap print, comics provide a window into the archetypes, stories, and cultural scripts that influenced generations of readers, rich and poor. A new exhibit, ¡Viva México!

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Special Collections