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GIS Day 2013

Poster Submission Instructions

When you are ready to print your poster for GIS Day, follow these instructions to submit your poster and have it printed for free.

  1. Prepare Powerpoint file for poster printing
    1. Click on Design Tab

    2. Click on Page Setup

    3. Set Slides sized for: Custom
      1. Width: 45
      2. Height: 32
      3. Orientation-Slides: Landscape
      4. Click OK

    4. poster4

    5. Saving as JPG:
      1. File\Save As
      2. Save File Type as: JPEG
      3. Click SAVE
      4. Click Current Slide

  2. Go to the DMS

    Go to the Digital Media Studio in the basement of the Central Library with your poster file.

    1. Log in to computer.
    2. Click on the Order a poster icon on the desktop.

  3. Submit your Poster

    Submit your poster via the online form. Be sure to include:

    1. the correct dimensions- 45 x 32
    2. choose Library Order as the form of payment
    3. write GIS Day Poster in the comments section.